Welcome customers to visit the China Guangzhou Trade Fair Great Machinery booth


Recently, the annual Guangzhou Commodity Fair in China was grandly launched.

Zhengzhou Great  Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specially sent people to Guangzhou to attend the fair. The visitors were crowded with visitors from different countries and regions in the world. They praised our products, and even some customers said, “I regret it.” Can recognize the praise words of Geweite mechanical products early.

At the exhibition, our staff, who had a cordial conversation with the customers, constantly answered every foreign businessman’s questions and received praises from many customers.

At this exhibition, the products we exhibited mainly include: hot air circulation oven dryer, vacuum microwave dryer and fluidized bed dryer, as well as some fruit and vegetable processing equipment.

We look forward to more users from all over the world who can come to our booth to visit and exchange. Great Machinery is your permanent equipment consultant.